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the man police say opened fire. abc 2 news has uncovered exclusive video that james holmes gave to a group of students. >> reporter: stunning new images of suspect james holmes an exclusive video and photos obtained by abc 2 news. this is video of holmes talking to students at a science camp in san diego. discussing what he calls illusions. >> the then 18-year-old holmes appears slightly nervous. >> the study of subjective experience which is what's placed inside the minded as a opposed to the external world. >> reporter: as new details emerge about holmes residents of aurora are still trying to draw up what happened. president obama heads to console a grieving community. >> it's like whoever thought this would immediately affect my family. when they see other shootings. they think, oh my gosh, i can't imagine what those families are going through. >> reporter: the suspect, james holmes was on a path on destruction. not only killing and injuring dozens in a colorado movie theater but in his apartment was a mind field of explosive booby-traps. designed to kill anyone who entered. a auth
again. james holmes will be in court again tomorrow. >> this weekend was filled with funeral services held for the victims of the colorado shooting. the suspect is set to be formerly charged in court monday but the family of the victims are still trying to understand what happened. a court document released friday says that holmes was a patient of a psychiatrist. a package of information was seized from his doctor last week. any communications between the defendant and the psychiatrist are absolutely protected. we don't know at this point when the last time was that he had any communications with her. we don't know the nature of those communicationings and at this point those communications are confidential. when a patient states a clear danger to a specific person we have an obligation to warn that person and the authorities. >> a beautiful day today with a mixture of sun shine and clouds. 86 degrees, it's comfortable. partly cloudy skies tonight. in terms of temperatures, 87 in town observation city, 8 the degrees. 84 as you head east. it's clear overhead but going up north there'
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2